On May 15th, we found out that we are expecting our rainbow baby. This is our journey to parenthood.

This blog has been started as a personal journey throughout this pregnancy and beyond, so that our friends and family may view it and keep up to date with everything :)

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Hello again, progression shots.14 weeks.
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Baby Beetle was very active for our scan today, stretching out and jumping around! It was a lovely experience for Mr B & I, seeing what our little bean has developed into <3 the tech had a guess on the gender - 85% chance of a girl (which could very much change by our next scan, but either way we will have no complaints!)Everything is coming along great, as it should be. Before the scan our odds were 1 in 1000 for downs, after the scan that has changed to 1 in 20,000 :) a bit of relief for both of us! Fingers crossed and many prayers for a smooth remainder of this pregnancy - January can not come soon enough!!

It has been a while since we updated this blog. The hectic morning sickness Chev endured was enough to put the progression shots on hiatus for a while (keep an eye out for the return of them soon!)
Baby Beetle is coming along as she should be. Since the tech guessed an 85% chance of a girl, we haven’t been able to think of her as anything else! That could change by the time we have our next scan, but until then we are all aboard the girl train!
Chev will do up a post outlining her symptoms and pregnancy thoughts for the past 6-7 weeks. Chris will also later do up a post about his thoughts and feelings during the first trimester.
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I just ordered some post cards to send to our family and friends when we make our announcement towards the end of July/start of August
50 post cards for $11.99 including delivery. 
Symptoms for week 6
  • everything from last week
  • plus vomiting

Not much of an update the past week, as we head in to week 7.

We’re late with doing our progression shots for week 6, we might catch up this afternoon when Chris comes home from work.

We saw our bug for the first time, and Chris and I had a nice long weekend together.

Yup, week 6 was a boring, less eventful week on the symptoms front. he highlight of the week was the ultrasound and making a day out of it together. 

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We got to see our little love bug <3 and everything so far is coming along as it should be. We got to see the heart beat :’) I had the biggest stupid grin on my face and Chris was holding my hand and looking on in wonder. It was a great morning, we will be leaving shortly to celebrate by having lunch and doing a bit of shopping :)
We have our first ultrasound today.

Initially I was annoyed that my doctor had scheduled it so early, now I’m grateful to be getting a look to see how things are coming along. I just don’t know how I’m going to be able to keep all this fluid down!

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5 weeks <3
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5 weeks - side view
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Chris decided to make an appearance for shits and giggles.
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Another weekend, another progression shot.